Killdeer, North Dakota

Killdeer Masonic Lodge

80 Central Ave. 

Killdeer, North Dakota


[701] 764-7052 

Recent enrollees drove the crew out of Soke Merriman's home! Too many bodies flying around for a dojo that small. Right next door to the American Legion Hall and US Post Office, the Masonic Lodge is one of oldest and most familiar landmarks in Western North Dakota. Right on the square in Killdeer, the Masonic Lodge is easy to find, roomy and has seating for all of the parents and families of handbo students--a luxury for the locals! As Dunn County's newest States Attorney, it's a short walk for Soke and the Merriman family who live just around the corner now. Stop by and say, "Hi". Plenty of parking on Central Avenue and the class schedule remains the same! The new flagship of the Kanazuchi Kai family of dojos, stop and introduce yourself!

In addition to Aiki Ju Jitsu and Hap Ki Do training, the hanbo will also offer (by special arrangement) any specialized tactical/shooting program or course taught by Soke or, Rensheis Casella, Cheek, or Simmons. Call to inquire and, discounts for law enforcement/military or groups. God Bless and stay safe!

Soke's class hours*--

Monday & Wednesday:

*NOTE: ALL students may attend any session but, the emphasis during any given time slot will be on the group scheduled to be on the mat. Further, only Monday & Wednesday classes will be scheduled until those nights are full. Please keep checking back to this website for updates or stop by on Mon., Wed., or Saturday.. All times referenced are local, Killdeer time, i.e., MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE!

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